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To serve our customers in all tax areas, achieving their goals with technique, creativity, safety and efficiency. Exercise the tax function with excellence, thus contributing to the increase in business profitability.



We believe in improving the relationship between government and society through tax aspects, by a tax administration committed to ethics, responsibility, excellence in tax solutions and customers satisfaction.


  • Valorization of people

  • Quality

  • Commitment

  • Team work

  • Integrity


  • Transparency

  • Plurality

  • Consistency and coherence


  • More than 20 years of experience

  • Intellectual capital

  • Consistency and coherence

  • Consolidated values


Interpret and apply tax legislation in all the federation’s units.

Guarantee the tax function as a fundamental dimension in the definition of business strategy and formatting, and also in the main decision-making processes.

Promote the relationship, with the taxing entities and other regulatory bodies, regarding tax aspects, aiming to allow an increasing contribution in the definition of the tax environment and to strengthen a long-term relationship.

Ensure that all business expansion is accompanied by the tax policies implementations, guidelines and processes.

Ensure that all initiatives taken by the tax authorities and other regulatory bodies, regarding tax aspects, which give rise to administrative tax proceedings are evaluated in a timely manner.


Ensure that tax processes and assessments are accomplished, considering the characteristics and goals of the companies' businesses.

To privilege the result in the tax optimization, with the detriment of the individual result in each area of the companies.

Ensure that tax assessments include, whenever possible, the associated economic impacts quantification.

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