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Tax credit recovery is a right guaranteed by law, and the company must be aware of all its possibilities. Recovering credits is a way to optimize finances, getting back incorrectly paid values or overpaid, that have been accumulated by the company over the years.

This work is one of our specialities, generating enormous benefits for our customers. We identify opportunities for the recovery of taxes that have been improperly collected or overpaid in the last years, and we made it possible to use them for the taxes settlement or recovery in cash.

This way, we guide our clients through tax planning according to the current legislation, in reducing the future tax burden, so that taxes are not incorrectly collected.

All this through an embracing tax review, encompassing the analysis of all taxes paid, is that we will be able to point out whether or not there are credits to be recovered.

Consultas Fiscai / Tributárias


It’s a formal instrument that the taxpayer has to clarify doubts regarding the interpretation of a specific provision of tax legislation. It must be understood as an important tax planning tool, which can increase and boost the company's operations.


As the legislation is always being updated, and several times, with diffuse interpretations, the formal consultation resolves doubts and links the interpretation to the correct legislation application, becoming a subsidy for a subsequent defense.

In this context, we are more proactive in relation to legislation, with the premise of acting in the tax scenarios prevention and correction through these consultations.

Planejamento Tributário


Tax planning is a tax accounting tool that helps taxpayers to reduce their tax burden by applying legal measures, in other words, elisively.

With this goal, MGO Consultoria Tributária carries out a deep study of its clients organizational structure and business areas for the development of planning that will result in a more intelligent way of paying taxes. The work we develop is always accomplished considering the peculiarities of each company, as there is no standard model, making it necessary to develop a specific plan, based on tax legislation, respecting the limits of legality, with the presentation of solutions in a way that allows safety so that partners and administrators can implement measures to reduce the tax burden without bringing risks for the company.

This means that a projection is made on how the taxes will behave in the next years. With this information, this planning serves as a tool for decision making in the company's management.

Currently, considering the scenario regarding to the economic crisis and insecurity on the domestic and foreign market, it is essential that companies have an efficient tax planning.

Thus, in addition to optimizing the tax burden, the company saves on the payment of taxes, positively impacting the company's profit. With that, it is possible to invest in new projects.

Planning is also very important to prevent companies from being tax assessed. When an organization has irregularities with the tax authorities, there is a great chance of incurring infraction notices, which directly affects the money.

Tratamento de intim


The subpoena is the tool in which there is no direct conflict that demand legal action. As a rule, it’s triggered by clarification requests, documents delivery, refunds or ratification.


Tax assessment is the inspection’s last stage. After verifying and subpoenaing a company that committed an infraction, giving the deadline for it to manifest itself, the tax authorities give the infraction notice and imposition of a fine/penalty, that is to say, the inspected company has already been found to be an infringer and receives a penalty.

If the company does not agree with the infraction, it can defend itself against tax assessments in the administrative and legal spheres. The defense happens through an objection.

In this context, we act in order to reverse the infraction notices already in the administrative sphere.

Negociacao de Regimes


It’s the administrative act that grants unique tax treatment, adopted in specific cases, in relation to the tax requirements general rules and compliance with ancillary obligations, upon the manifestation of a technical agency.


Although there is no provision in the legislation, it’s the instrument that manages to adapt an obligation to a different tax procedure.


Notwithstanding, we have been acting in the search for legal alternatives due to the company peculiarities towards the Public Treasury.

Adesao anistia fiscal


Tax amnesty is a form of exclusion from tax credit that exclusively covers infractions once committed to the validity of the law which grants it, and does not apply for acts such as crimes or misdemeanors.

Adherence to the amnesty program is a legal instrument that brings to the taxpayer a debt reduction benefit with the payment of debts and the tax credit exclusion.

We work for your company with the identification of new tax amnesty laws, the framing and checking of eligible processes, financial simulations for decision making, requested processes validation and approval and all other procedures for the amnesty accomplishment.

Regularização fiscal


Fiscal regularity means that the taxpayer is regularly complying with its obligations under federal, state and municipal tax legislation, Social Security and the Length-of-Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS, in Portuguese).

For a company, tax compliance is important in several aspects, such as the condition to participate in public bidding, being forbidden the participation of irregular companies towards the Public Treasury, the signing of contracts with large companies, among others.

Ancillary obligations non-treatment and outdated registration, are two examples of what can impact regularity. Our work aims to regulate the situation towards the tax authorities, indicating how and what should be done to obtain the Debt Clearance Certificate.

Pericias Contabeis


Accounting expertise is the set of technical procedures, with the purpose being to issue a report or opinion on accounting issues, upon examination, inspection, inquiry, investigation, arbitration, evaluation or certificate.

The Technical Assistant Expert will be the party's representative to the expert designated by the court, following the technical exams and presenting all the necessary documentation, as well as the request.

As seen, we work with the company's Technical Expert Assistance, and we have an obligation to agree, criticize or complement the Expert Report, through our Technical Advice.


(We work with convincing the Expert of the Judgment of the thesis that he has on the subject of the investigation through the elaboration of the questions. It is up to the Judge, by the principle of free conviction, to analyze our arguments, being able to base his decision on this opinion.)

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